Fleur De Leaf Cannabis

Thanks for coming to check us out (we love the attention)

We are a licensed Nova Scotia based micro-processor with the goal of becoming your local connection to some of the country’s best cannabis.  Started by a few “experienced consumers” who may not grow, but know what they like to blaze.

After 30 months of regulatory gauntlet running, we are excited to launch our first brand, Rope & Sail Cannabis.  Now available at the NSLC!

Rope & Sail Cannabis

Continuing the cannabis tradition started in Nova Scotia back in 1606

Way, way back in 1606 a french botanist and apothecary Louis Hébert planted the first known cannabis crop in all of Canada in Port Royal, Nova Scotia.  Though Hebert had an extensive apothecarial knowledge, he grew his crop to make ropes and sails *wink wink*.

Though we are not making actual rope or sails, the cannabis tradition lives on with

Rope & Sail Cannabis 

  • We only seek out the most desired cannabis profiles

  • Our product is hang dried, hand trimmed, and packaged.

  • Lot specifics can be found at the “What’s in your Bag?” Section

  • Fleur de Leaf Cannabis and Rope & Sail encourage responsible cannabis use.  Do not operate any vehicle or vessel under the influence of cannabis (seriously).